We strive to excel in manufacturing of yarn and fabrics.

To provide fabrics in superior quality and to establish brand image in international market.

To develop long term relationship with suppliers and customers.

To enhance production facilities through technological up gradation in order to maintain the competitive edge.

To ensure safe and recompense work environment for employees.


To stay effective in global business with cost leadership and fineness in quality.

To develop new-fangled yarns in order to maximize share holders wealth.

To uphold the values of transparency and accountability for good corporate governance.

Our process

Arvind syndicate has modern processing unit equipped with advanced machineries to produce extensive range of finishes based on customer requirements.


Spinning is executed using Break or open end spinning with the method of using needles and electrostatic forces. Spinning consists of following process ;

Checking - Bobbins will rewind to endure tighter bobbin.

Folding and Twisting - Plying is implied by drawing yarn from two or more bobbins and twisting together in opposite direction.

Gassing - It is process where yarn will be sent to series of Bunsen gas flames in gassing frame enabling fibers to burn off for attaining smooth and brighter yarn. This process will deliver the finest quality of yarns.


This process will use loom . The lengthy thread will be known as warp and cross way thread is known as weft. Warp will be allowed to loom on warp beam and weft will pass across loom in shuttle which enables yarn on pirn . This pirns automatically changed by loom.

Weaving consists of following process;


Cotton is characterized for absorbent and readily responds for coloration process. Dyeing is carried out with anionic direct dye where yarn or fabric is completely immersed in dye bath in an appropriate process. Sometimes vats and other reactive is used for improving fastness to wash, rubbing and light.


The application of color in type of paste in to surface of fabric in a predetermined design.


The above multi-dimensional process will end up with producing following range of finishes such as;

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